Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

My son’s 6th birthday was only one month away and I knew I had to get cracking on party plans. He was set on a Paw Patrol Party Theme from one year ago, and this was going to be an exciting challenge for me. I enlisted the help of party décor expert, Shaa’ista Kathree, to assist in décor preparation and setup.

I was going to be busy with planning the menus, food ideas and execution. The party was a small affair with 12 kids and 18 adults. I kept the menu simple and child friendly with maximum focus on taste and flavour.




The theme table was beautifully setup by the Cutest Party on the Block in Paw Patrol colours and images.  The theme table was not overcrowded, and the sweet treats were neatly spaced and setup. In keeping with the theme, I prepared Chocolate Bark, Pupcorn, and Water Bowls (recipes below). A variety of sweets and chocolates were included on the theme table as well, including little Hersheys Kisses, which we called Puppy Kisses…cute.





image5 (3)




The main food table was a Hot Dog Bar, again, in keeping with the Paw Patrol Theme. I had the sausages and rolls set up as a self service bar with a variety of toppings and condiments available. Everybody enjoyed making their own unique hotdogs with unusual combinations of coleslaw, baked beans, avocado relish, cheese and fried onions.


image1 (28)




I had another table setup with puppy snacks which included pawtato chips, mini paw pastas and a snack board with crostinis, crackers, hummus, cream cheese and dried fruit.


image2 (28)





The kids were treated to their own treats which included puppy pizzas served in doggy bowls and mini macaroni and cheese.




The cutting of the Paw Patrol designed cake was the highlight of the party and the kids were treated to mini cotton candy ice cream thereafter.




Everyone had a blast, including the adults and all the planning and effort was rewarded with my little boy’s happy smile and laughter.

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Chocolate Bark




Melt 500g of a combination of dark and milk chocolate. Spread it in a thin layer on non stick paper/sheets. Place pretzels, Cadbury Astros, crushed Oreos and any other sweets your kids enjoy.

Allow to cool and harden for a few hours. Break into shards and store in a air tight container.


Water Bowls




Prepare bubblegum jelly according to package instructions. Fill little containers and allow to set.

Draw up vanilla custard into 10 ml disposable syringes and allow to chill.

Serve the jelly with the custard. This makes a fun activity for kids as well.

  • Elizabeth Estrada

    Ohh thanks for your post. I am planning my dog’s birthday and paw’s control theme is a wonderful idea 🙂