Hi – my name is Yasmin and I am the author, cook and photographer behind Walnut Pesto.

Welcome to my food blog!

I am a South African, passionate ‘foodie’, a pharmacist by profession and a photography enthusiast.

Walnut Pesto was started in April 2015.

The name Walnut Pesto originated from my passion for all things gastronomically related. Walnuts and pesto are both known for their intense flavor and versatility in food preparation. Walnuts are wholesome and nutritious and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Pesto is full of flavor made generally with some of my favorite staple ingredients and its uses are almost endless.

Cooking with Walnut Pesto is about creating simple, practical and delicious meals that are packed with loads of flavor. My blog will explore different cuisines, new flavors and innovative combinations. It will also include a modern take on traditional recipes.

I’d like to think of this blog as a learning playground for the creative self-schooled cook. Ingredients used will be researched and recipes will be tried and tested. Creativity can lead to complexity but I’m confident that my posts will be practical enough to allow even the start-up cook to put together.

The content posted on Walnut Pesto will highlight and harness the flavors of seasonal fresh ingredients and will provide easy to follow recipes to create dishes that are both sweet and savory.

In trying to keeps things simple, the website is designed as an easy-to-use food blog. Recipes are categorized for ease of reference and preparation methods. Look out for “my pesto jar” which showcases reviews of my favorite culinary gadgets, my pantry staples, my flavor of the month posts and an ‘out and about’ review of dishes at various restaurants.

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